Monthly Archives: December 2016

Growing Up Boomer: Holiday Edition

I’m a cusp Boomer/GenX child — too young to share the cultural experiences of Boom Boomers, too old to share the cynicism of GenX. My father was a Depression baby, which left a mark: He was, to put it nicely, frugal. My mother was a farm girl who shared my … Read More

The Christmas Letter

For the last 25 years or so, I have created that under-appreciated, dreaded Christmas letter! You know the one, all about the cat’s surgery, your root canal that went terribly wrong, and the vacation to some beach. I never meant to do this, but after my daughter went off to … Read More

On Thin Ice

Winter sports in Indianapolis in the 1950s were very limited. Most of my outdoor activity centered around sledding on Brown’s Hill ([southwest corner of Washington St and Emerson Ave.), building snow forts, and engaging in snowball fights. Once there was a strange sight of a cross-country skier slowly gliding across … Read More

Women’s Fund Awards Over $200K to Local Not-For-Profits

INDIANAPOLIS — Women’s Fund of Central Indiana, a special interest fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF), has awarded $215,591 to 15 not-for-profit organizations that are making the community’s women and girls stronger, healthier and more self-sufficient through programs that address domestic abuse, the gender pay gap, immigration, reproductive healthcare … Read More

Wrapping Party at Gaia Works!

The elves were busy Dec. 19 at the Magic Candle, wrapping presents for the good boys and girls in the community. Emma the shop cat also got into the spirit by “helping” at the wrapping party … Read More