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The Civil War 150th Anniversary: July 1865

Indianapolis observed THE FOURTH OF JULY with a “good deal of bunting lazily floating in the air.” The firing of the national salute and the vigorous ringing of bells “for an indefinite period of time” roused the people to celebration. A large crowd gathered in the morning on the grounds … Read More

The Civil War 150th Anniversary: June 1865

–THURSDAY, JUNE 1, 1865 — HUMILIATION DAY –— appointed by President Johnson “for humiliation and prayer, in view of our great national calamity — the death of Abraham Lincoln.” City business was suspended and services held in all of the churches. J. Perry Elliott’s City Gallery, 8-10 E. Washington St, … Read More

The Civil War 150th Anniversary: March 1865

On the sunny side of fences, grass begins to make “a feeble display of green,” and along with singing birds signs of spring are “deliciously suggestive.” The Journal noted, “Many of our streets are in horrible condition. The city is either very poor, or its officials very careless of its … Read More

The Civil War: 150th Anniversary

January 1865 New Year’s Day open house was held in many Indianapolis homes; the ladies “dispensing hospitality” to their friendly callers. The second term of Northwestern Christian University (Butler University) began on Monday, January 2, 1865, and Indianapolis Protestant congregations joined Protestant churches across the nation during the first week … Read More

The Civil War — 150th Anniversary

“GREATEST VICTORY OF THE WAR! OLD ABE RE-ELECTED!” announced the Indianapolis Journal on the morning of Wednesday, November 9. In the days prior to the election, crowds of “ladies and gentlemen, citizens and soldiers, young and old” gathered nightly at the Tabernacle on Circle Park to hear speeches and exhortations … Read More