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A Front Page Profile is a paid business advertorial featured on the front page of the Weekly View newspaper.

Front Page Profile: Gaia Works & The Magic Candle Present the 13th Annual Masquerade Ball

Jan DeFerbrache, owner of The Magic Candle shop in Irvington, is also the executive director of Gaia Works, Inc., a nonprofit organization that assists the homeless, and underserved throughout Indianapolis. Gaia Works’ major fundraiser, the 13th Annual Indianapolis Masquerade Ball, will be held March 4 at the Sahara Grotto (7620 … Read More

Front Page Profile: Hart Bakery Puts the Heart in Baking

Hart Bakery is a full line bakery that has been serving up the best cakes, cookies, doughnuts, breads, pastries, and brownies in town for many years. In 1946, “Uncle Joe” started the bakery after returning from World War II. Sandy Taylor, the current owner, came to work for him after … Read More

Warren Performing Arts Center Celebrates 30th Anniversary

The Warren Performing Arts Center (WPAC), located at 9500 E. 16th St., is a premier facility for concerts and shows on the east side. On the campus of Warren Central High School, the  WPAC is noted for its wonderful acoustics and diverse programming. It is the only arts venue on … Read More

Front Page Profile: Ride a Train To or From the Indiana State Fair This Year

(Paid Business Advertorial) Volunteers and staff of the Indiana Transportation Museum are wrapping up preparations for this year’s FairTrain™ the historic passenger train has run to the Indiana State Fair for 30 years. The Museum’s authentic train from the 1940’s is a big part of the non-profit’s educational program and … Read More