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Ebenezer Scrooge in America

There’s a movie out in theatres right now that I think I would like to see. That is a rare event in the Hunter household (the last one we saw was Daniel Day Lewis’s Lincoln five years ago). The Man Who Invented Christmas came out Thanksgiving weekend. It scored 83 … Read More

Charles Manson – Hoosier Juvenile Delinquent

The world became a happier place last Sunday when news came that California cult leader Charles Manson had died in prison. If there was anything to be sad about Manson’s passing, it was that he died of natural causes, a luxury that most who crossed his path were never afforded. … Read More

Piggly Wiggly

It’s Thanksgiving week in Indianapolis and all over the Circle City, and Hoosiers are heading to grocery stores to buy turkey and all the trimmings. No doubt families will be bouncing words back and forth to each other off their big screen TVs with belts loosened and feet propped up … Read More

Tom Petty and Elvis Presley

Like most columnists, I have a large cache of article starts in the can just waiting for me to flesh them out for future columns. I thought I had plenty of time to finish an article I’d started two years ago. Tom Petty’s death a month ago sped up the … Read More

Meet Jeff Mudgett: Irvington Halloween Festival Grand Marshal

In early 2017, I had the rare opportunity to work with author Jeff Mudgett when the History Channel brought him to Irvington to film scenes for their series, “American Ripper.” I was brought into the project in late 2016 after being contacted by American Ripper series supervising producer Tiff Winton. … Read More