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The Lorraine Motel: Prelude and Aftermath, Part 2

On Thursday, April 4, 1968, Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. was staying in room 306 at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. Dr. King traveled to the river city in support of striking African-American city sanitation workers. King had gone out onto the balcony and was standing near his room when … Read More

The Lorraine Motel. Prelude and Aftermath, Part 1

History just happens. Often, history is well planned, scheduled and expected. The history I have always found most appealing is that which was unplanned, unscheduled and unexpected. Examples: Gettysburg, Woodstock, and Robert F. Kennedy’s April 4, 1968 speech in Indianapolis. True, the soldiers were gonna fight, the bands were gonna … Read More

John Brisker: An ABA Enigma Revisited

Recently, I was contacted by producer John O’Connor from NBA-TV’s “Beyond the Paint” basketball docuseries. The inquiry stemmed from a two-part article I had written awhile back about John Brisker. Known as the “Heavyweight Champion of the ABA,” Brisker stood out in a league full of standouts. Brisker, a 6’5” … Read More

Glen Campbell, The Wrecking Crew and Alzheimer’s

Glen Campbell can no longer play guitar and has lost the ability to verbally communicate. He is in Stage 7 of Alzheimer’s disease. For today’s generation, Campbell’s plight might not mean much. But to Baby Boomers, his is our collective decline. Although the seventh of twelve children born to a … Read More

Reggie Harding: ABA Pacers’ 1st 7-Footer, Part 1

The Indiana Pacers are winding down another season and the playoff situation remains uncertain. This season marks the 50th anniversary of the franchise’s start in the old ABA. It was about this time of year a half century ago that the Pacers signed one of the most infamous names to … Read More