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Indianapolis: The Great Flood of 1913, Part 2

This column originally appeared in March, 2013. Al is out researching his next column. Last week, we left Greenfield a century ago; March 25th, 1913, underwater. The “Black Night of Terror,” the “March Flood,” or the “Great Flood of 1913″ had come and gone through the Hancock County seat, leaving … Read More

Confederate Monuments Debate Ad Infinitum

There has been a lot of talk lately about Confederate Civil War monuments and what they stand for. In fact recently, several of those monuments to rebel leaders and soldiers were toppled by protesters and removed in the dark of the night by officials. My wife and I travel to … Read More

Wendy’s Fast Food Hoosier History

For better or worse, Indiana plays an important role in American fast food history. Burger Chef, Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Wendy’s hamburger chain all have roots in the Hoosier state. Other fast food restaurants have deep Circle City roots that resonate in the minds of Indianapolis baby boomers as … Read More

The World’s Longest Yard Sale Eclipsed

2017 was the 30th anniversary year for the 127 Yard Sale, a.k.a. “The World’s Longest Yard Sale,” which started in 1987. I’ve written about the yard sale before and my wife and I have taken this long strange trip several times now. The 127 yard sale bills itself as the … Read More

James Brown’s Hair

James Brown is remembered as the “Godfather of Soul” for his many contributions to music made during a six-decades-long career. Brown’s influence is a little more complicated than that. Truth is, not only was Brown a music legend, he was a civil rights pioneer. For a time in the 1960s, … Read More