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The Paramount Music Palace, Part 2

In part one of this article, we skipped down memory lane to remember the Paramount Music Palace restaurant once located at the southwest quarter of the Washington Street and I-465 interchange. The Palace operated on Indy’s eastside from 1979 to 1995 as the Paramount Music Palace Family Pizza Restaurant & … Read More

The Paramount Music Palace, Part 1

While rummaging through a couple old boxes the other day I ran across a couple things that activated the launch sequence of my way back machine. One was a brochure and the other an old pinback button. Both were from the old Paramount Music Palace once located 7560 Old Trails … Read More

Buddy Holly’s Glasses: Lost and Found

Leap years generally go unnoticed by everyone except those who were born on one. Leap years are recognized every four years in the month of February by tacking an extra day onto the end. To most, leap years are just another event in a month of neglected holidays. After all, … Read More

The Franken Berry Scare

February 1972 was a busy and historic month. The Winter Olympics opened in Sapporo, Japan. The FCC created cable television as we first knew it. David Bowie introduced his “Ziggy Stardust” alter-ego during his world concert tour.  Richard M. Nixon became the first U.S, President to visit the People’s Republic … Read More

Kings Island: Trespassers Will be Eaten

It should come as no surprise to you that I have an affinity for Disney’s Haunted Mansion. I’ve been fortunate enough to have ridden the popular theme park ride at Disneyland in California as a little kid with my mom and again as an adult with my family. Likewise, I … Read More