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I Found it at the Movies

Those of you who know me, also know that movies, film, cinema, whatever you want to call them, are a major part of my life. They rank, just behind my wife and family, breaded tenderloins, and naps, as the major necessities of my existence. The first movie that I do … Read More

Peewinkle’s Puppets are Magic

Hey, all you Boomer parents and grandparents! Do you want to know a really enchanting place to take your kids and grandkids for a really wonderful time? Well, take them to a show at Peewinkle’s Puppet Studio, located in the Indiana State Museum (650 W. Washington St.). Try attending one … Read More

A Role I Was Born to Play

I have a Facebook buddy named Gay Lyons. Gay and I go way back. We went to kindergarten together and continued through grade school, junior high and high school at Arlington. After graduation I lost track of Gay for a very long time, but through social media we renewed our … Read More

Samhain or Halloween

October 31 is All Hallow’s Eve, the day before November 1 which is All Saints Day, a very sacred day in the tradition of the Catholic Church. So where did Halloween come from? About 3,500 B.C., the Celts, Gauls and other Germanic tribes of Northern and Western Europe developed into … Read More

Going to The Masquerade Ball

My favorite time of the year is here – FALL!! I love everything about it, the weather, the color of the leaves as they change and of course Halloween. My husband and I have always celebrated Halloween in a big way. For 20 years in a row we had a … Read More