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Valentines Day – Presidents Day What Sporting Activities did Our Chief Executives Indulge In?

It’s known that our current president Mr. Trump is an avid golfer and owns several country clubs including one in Scotland. President Eisenhower also was quite a golfer and had a driving range and miniature course on his Gettysburg farm, which I have seen. Ike also played football as a … Read More

Greatest Game Ever?

n case you were on the dark side of the moon this last weekend I will remind you that the New England Patriots took home their fifth NFL Championship Trophy by beating the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in overtime. Considering that the Pats were down 24-3 at the half, that’s quite … Read More

Chris Ballard is the New Colts GM

The Indianapolis Colts hired Chris Ballard to replace the recently departed Ryan Grigson as the General Manager of the franchise. Ballard previously served as the Kansas City Chief’s director of player personnel since 2013 and has been credited with helping to build a playoff-worthy roster for the team. Ballard has … Read More

Indianapolis Noontime Boomer Cartoons

When I was of  prime cartoon watching age in the mid-1950s to early 1960s, there were a lot of cartoon programs on Saturday morning — Mighty Mouse, Heckle and Jekyll, Droopy, Tom and Jerry, etc. Through the week, especially during the school year, there was Lunchtime Theater on Channel 4. … Read More

Super Bowl LI

In a little less than two weeks, a week from next Sunday the Super Bowl will be played in Houston in the brand new NRG Stadium. You build a brand new billion dollar stadium, your city lands a Super Bowl, but I digress. It’s the Patriots vs. the Falcons, the … Read More