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Batting Average

When one of the co-owners of this paper told me that she had turned my social media posts into a column called “Words From Woods,” I was stunned, then – flattered. Though I had been conscripted into the service of this publication, I embraced and celebrated my capture. I had … Read More

A Bowl of Mints

I was trundling a small cart toward the door of the grocery and was about to pass a women in front of me when a man’s behavior caught my eye. It was about 10 a.m. and a sunny day. The man stood facing the open driver’s side door of his … Read More

Kidnap Your Son

When I was living in St. Louis, Missouri, my son sent me a link to a musician he thought I might like. Hiromi Uehara is a Japanese jazz pianist, and Chris liked her animated approach to playing. I liked her music, and when I saw an advertisement for her appearance … Read More

Dancing on Wheels

“You know,” my boss said to me, “I think we should go to the park and learn to rollerblade.” Raeann was a practitioner of healthy habits like sweating in gyms, and had learned that rollerblading was a beneficial physical activity. I told her, “I’m in.” This conversational interplay occurred sometime … Read More

Visualizing Space

In a recent edition of The New York Times, the back page of section A was covered by a full page advertisement for skin care products from a major player in the beauty business. The red star logo for Macy’s anchored the ad, a logo I had placed on the … Read More