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Visualizing Space

In a recent edition of The New York Times, the back page of section A was covered by a full page advertisement for skin care products from a major player in the beauty business. The red star logo for Macy’s anchored the ad, a logo I had placed on the … Read More

The Judgements of the Healthy

My first bride and I rounded the corner of the apartment building where our grandchildren live; our granddaughter and her friends were behind that building, gathered at the edge of a wood, watching a small green and yellow snake make its way through the underbrush. Cathy headed into the apartment … Read More


In the movie, “The Hunt For Red October,” I heard a term that intrigued and fascinated me. Sean Connery is the captain of a submarine charged with the responsibility for finding a Russian nuclear sub, dubbed “The Red October.” At some point during  the underwater search, torpedoes are launched at … Read More

The Case For an Editor

The SUV in front of me was festooned with graphics and text, advertisements for a business. I cannot remember the nature of the business because I cannot forget this phrase, scrawled across the back window: “No job to big or small.” And, not for the first time, I mourned the … Read More

Turn It Off and On

Two broadcasters of an NCAA basketball game were trying to fill the space created by a lapse in action caused by the malfunctions of the game’s shot clock. As the officials worked to restore the proper functioning of the clock, one of the broadcasters, growing short on comedic material, said … Read More