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My Left Foot

When I was a teen, I leapt and gamboled as if I were a young colt; I ran for the pure joy of it, and showed off my springs by jumping up to slap street signs. One day while on the way home from visiting with my cousins, I leaped … Read More

Me and Lena

“The Lena Horne stamp is out,” the woman serving me at the counter of the Post Office said. I had come to purchase “The Snowy Day,” a special stamp offered by the Post Office. The clerk’s co-worker interjected that the Lena Horne stamp would not be available until the next … Read More

A Black History Story

In September, 1944, The Franklin Times published an obituary on its front page for a printer who, after moving from Noblesville, Indiana, died while employed as a pressman for the newspaper. Fred Hord’s long service to the paper was written in a respectful and complimentary way, and I cannot help … Read More

Buckle Up

A TV commercial I saw recently showed a man sitting at the wheel of his car in a dreamlike state; in the rear seats, a storm of fun surrounds some children. The man is pelted by chips and Cheetos, and he sits, still and unmoving, until something important happens: the … Read More

The Stranger’s Face

My young son rode with me on an elevator from my 11th floor apartment down to the lobby. His sister was in the car with us, as was a woman — presumably another tenant of the building. As we four rode in silence, I glanced at my son; he was … Read More