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The Elements Of A Column

When asked how I come up with ideas for my columns, I struggle to explain my creative process. Some of my columns are born full-grown, while my other children have to be nurtured and cultivated before being sent into the world. Sometimes the ghost of the “autowriter” enters me, and … Read More

Our Store of Memories

“I just shared something that you taught me when I was young.” Lauren, my youngest daughter, said that she remembers me giving her driving advice, telling her that when you’ve pulled into an intersection to turn left, don’t turn your wheels until you can proceed; that way, if someone should … Read More

My Notebook

“What do you write in your notebook?” The question was asked of me by a young lady I had just met at a Bingo gathering. I showed her what I had just written: “@ Ash and Elm – met Nick and Morgan.” Morgan had taken a stool next to me … Read More

Giving Thanks

In November, 1621, after a successful corn harvest, the governor of the new village of Plymouth, Massachusetts, organized a celebratory feast, to which he invited the Native Americans who had been of assistance to the Pilgrims. They would not repeat this “thanksgiving” until 1623, and it would not be until … Read More

Of Movies and Friends

One of the Heartland Film Festival’s 2017 offerings was a documentary about the poet and agrarian activist Wendell Berry, some of whose work was familiar to me. Before I read Heartland’s catalog description of the film, I called my friend in Louisville. “Do I remember correctly,” I asked, “that you … Read More