CJ Woods III’s Story Archive

Dancing With Witches

Friday the 13th was a perfect day for a gathering of a small group of the old gang from L.S. Ayres’ advertising department. The annual reunion was set for Saturday, October 14th, but Miki Catron came into town on Friday afternoon, and Kay Niedenthal joined Paula Nicewanger, Miki and me … Read More

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

A text from an unknown number read, “I found my phone!!!!” I knew the area code, but not the sender. My son-in-love called later that day, asking if I had gotten a call from my granddaughter, since, for her ninth birthday, she had been given her own cellphone. Her phone … Read More


Small black, bird-sized shadows flew diagonally across the curtains at my window as I lay in bed. I glanced at them, turned back toward my television, then paused the movie I was viewing. I sat up, parted my curtains and watched through the window as yellow leaves twisted past the … Read More

The Little Bits of Joy

In his poem, “In My Craft or Sullen Art,” Dylan Thomas wrote of the joy and misery of the creative process and the emotional drive to continue to produce that which one loves. I was a casual scribe with a limited audience when I was conscripted into the service of … Read More


An article in Scientific American, published in December, 2011 by two grad students from Washington University in St. Louis, discusses a study by researchers from Notre Dame. The paper the researchers published was titled, “Walking through doorways causes forgetting.” I remember hearing an NPR report on the “doorway effect,” and … Read More