CJ Woods III’s Story Archive

The Dream of Her Heart

“Do you know the other Dr. Ruth,” asked the woman on the phone. I laughed at the woman, a veterinarian. “Yes, I know who she is; I made an inappropriate comment about that when I heard your name.” Dr. Ruth Landau laughed with me and said, “I tell my clients … Read More

I Get By, With a Little Help

“You wouldn’t jump me, should you?” The young man spoke from the window of his truck, stopped in front of the bank’s ATM. I had just pulled around the trucks open door, miffed that, once again, someone had parked in the “No Parking” zone. I heard something different in the … Read More

The Delights of Age

The 2017 Heartland Film Festival gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in the visions of filmmakers and storytellers, and this years’ offerings — for me — turned over the good earth of buried memories. In “The Tree,” an 88-year-old widow, living independently, decides to make a 600 mile journey … Read More

Dancing With Witches

Friday the 13th was a perfect day for a gathering of a small group of the old gang from L.S. Ayres’ advertising department. The annual reunion was set for Saturday, October 14th, but Miki Catron came into town on Friday afternoon, and Kay Niedenthal joined Paula Nicewanger, Miki and me … Read More

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

A text from an unknown number read, “I found my phone!!!!” I knew the area code, but not the sender. My son-in-love called later that day, asking if I had gotten a call from my granddaughter, since, for her ninth birthday, she had been given her own cellphone. Her phone … Read More