CJ Woods III’s Story Archive

The Gifts We Sow

“What was that song you taught the kids?” There was amusement in the mother’s voice. I couldn’t remember the song I had taught Jack and Gaby Kiehl, some fourteen or fifteen years ago, but Julie must have been reminded of it after seeing me scrambling on the floor and through … Read More

Fake News

In 1997, the artist Bob Cassilly, along with his wife Gail, opened a museum near downtown St. Louis, MO. I could see the building that housed the museum, or more specifically, the hippopotamus perched on the top floor of it, when I walked out of the front door of my … Read More

Public Speaking

The University of Washington offers “Introduction to Public Speaking” as the first in a four-part course in “Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization.” I found this offering online as I was browsing for information about public speaking. No one who has known me for more than twelve minutes would think that I … Read More

The Skinny on Swimming

On June 17th, 1994, television viewers in this country were glued to their sets, watching a slow-motion drama: In Los Angeles, California, OJ Simpson, in the back seat of his friend’s white Bronco, was slow-rolling his way into history. On that same night, in a bar in the South Beach … Read More

The Beautiful Music of the Other

In the Cathedral of Learning on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh, a young boy skulks among the closed stacks of the library. The boy’s mother works for a woman who has some influence at the university, and that woman has seen to it that the young boy was … Read More