CJ Woods III’s Story Archive

Wild Kingdom

When I am in New Jersey visiting with my grandchild delivery device and her gifts to me, I am often amazed by the abundant variety of wildlife that populate the wooded areas around her apartment. I have seen great, wild turkeys strutting down the middle of the sidewalks, turning their … Read More


My first father-in-law was a printer, a craft passed down from his grandfather to his father and then to him. He was a quiet and unassuming man, a counterpoint to his bride, who was loud and laughing and cheerfully social. Edgar Hord went about his life in a peaceful manner, … Read More

Other People’s Children

On a recent trip to my “washateria,” a four year-old boy was gamboling about the aisles, roaming from the arcade machines to the folding tables. His mother circled through, occasionally crossing paths with her child as she unloaded washers and loaded dryers. The boy was a bright and happy sound … Read More

Fritzy, The Cat

By some mechanism that I cannot remember activating, I became a member of a neighborhood page, one that is named for my neighborhood. Judging from the posts, the page describes a place that I don’t recognize, though I live in it. It is a neighborhood foreign to me, filled with … Read More

A Call From a Friend

My pool team had been newly eliminated from a pool tournament, and as we packed our gear and disappointments — we’d played poorly and missed an opportunity for more money and a larger tournament — I got a phone call from a friend, and I was delighted by the sound … Read More