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In the Days of the Lost Sunshine 2017

Wasn’t it pleasant, O brother mine, In those old days of the lost sunshine Of youth When we went visiting, me and you, Out to old Aunt Mary’s? — James Whitcomb Riley—1849–1916 I wish that I were talented enough to produce something as evocative as Riley’s phrase, “in those old … Read More

It’s That Time of the Year Again!

Eric Cox, publisher of the “Knightstown Banner,” recently wrote essays about 4-H that set me to rummaging through the trunks in my mental attic where all of my experiences and snapshots of the past are stored. 4-H shaped my summers. In addition to developing some basic skills, we went on … Read More

I’m Still Learning to Live — July 2017

Drink deeply of this life, my friend. Don’t sip to make it last in fear of running out. The waiter keeps coming by, refilling our glasses. Drink deeply of who you are, the magnificent happening of you. Drain the glass. Take big swigs of this day, swish it around in … Read More

The Circle of Life

To me, life is not a straight line. It’s circular and wheels back upon itself. I’ll be peacefully going along . . . going along . . . going along on my customary path, pretty much living in today, when “Pop!” I’m catapulted into a synthesis of my distant past, … Read More

What Time Is It?

Morning is when I’m awake and there is a dawn in me . . . To be awake is to be alive . . . We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake, not by mechanical aids, but by an infinite expectation of the dawn. — Henry David Thoreau, … Read More