Monthly Archives: January 2016

EPA Grants Help Boost Industrial Corridor Plans

A drive along Mass Ave. north and east from Circle City Industrial Complex reveals derelict and abandoned properties among thriving businesses. Once, the corridor was home to bustling industry that contributed to the economic well-being of Indianapolis. Now, some have been abandoned and left to rot; some are contaminated with … Read More

USPS Asks Residents to Clear Paths

INDIANAPOLIS — This is the time of year when USPS employees and citizens in communities throughout the Greater Indiana District experience an increase in accidents related to winter weather conditions. When walking and driving conditions are icy, both drivers and pedestrians are at risk. Mounds of snow and patches of … Read More

Tech Scholar C.J. Walker Ranks in ESPN Top 100 College Recruits

INDIANAPOLIS — Ranking among the ESPN top 100 college recruits, C.J. Walker is topping another important list. The 6-foot point guard of Arsenal Technical High School was recently nominated for the 38th Annual McDonald’s All American Games. McDonald’s has 755 nominees from 50 states; only nine players from Indiana were … Read More

#Love@38th 5×5 Ideas Competition Finalists Announced

INDIANAPOLIS — The Harrison Center for the Arts recently announced the finalists for the #LOVE@38th 5×5 Ideas Competition to take place on Fri., Feb. 5 at 7 p.m. in the Center’s gym. The 5 finalists include: • Steve Mannheimer, Sounds Above • Charles Stanton, Music Unites: Connecting Communities with Neighborhood … Read More