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Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

From old hippies to young hipsters, vintage vinyl is topping this year’s Christmas list for music lovers. Classic albums from 1950-1980 are available in a wide range of prices and genres of music, but before you start your shopping it is wise to know what constitutes a good deal . … Read More

Away in a Manger

The nativity scene, also known as a Manger Scene, Crèche or Crib, is one of the most enduring and endearing symbols of the Christmas season. Inspired by a trip to the Holy Land, St. Francis of Assisi created the Nativity Scene in 1223 using real animals and townspeople. As the … Read More

Vintage Christmas Cards

We e-mail, Tweet, Facebook, Instagram and, of course, we text. But, when was the last time you a sat down and wrote to someone? It’s not that we don’t have the opportunity. Most everyone has family out of town or a friend in a hospital or a nursing home who … Read More

American Folk Art from the Women of America — The Quilt

Cherished for their craftsmanship, and elevated from a mere bed covering to one of the purest forms of folk art, quilts reflect the true spirit of the women of America. Look at a collection of quilts from any seamstress and you will find identifying traits that connect them to their … Read More

Halloween Memorabilia: Trick or Treat?

Second in popularity only to Christmas as a holiday collectible, the memorabilia of Halloweens past is much more difficult to find. It is this scarcity of mint condition pieces that makes the collecting both challenging and rewarding. The elegance of the late Victorian period in America provided the perfect setting … Read More