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An American Classic — the Lunch Box

The America of the 1800s was a time of growth and development of the country’s infrastructure. Building railroads and roadways, clearing forests, working the mines and manning the factories required an immense amount of manpower, and when lunchtime came . . . they all had to be fed. Out of … Read More

Shave and a Haircut?

There exists an oasis of masculinity that has remained pretty much a “boy’s club” since it’s inception in the mid-1800s. It’s a place to relax, read the morning paper, share political views and catch up on all the local gossip (yes, men gossip too). A place where a man always … Read More

Ok, Men, Let’s Talk Valentine’s Day

It’s coming at us fast, that one day each year that can make even the strongest of men feel weak in the knees. You know there is no avoiding it, but past failures make you procrastinate until the only option left is to run to the grocery store and stand … Read More

Jadeite — A Top Collectible for 2018

America’s love affair with all things vintage is predicted to continue strong for 2018, and topping the “what to watch for” list is that wonderful green milk glass from the mid-20th Century that we refer to collectively as Jadeite. Jadeite originated in the U.S during the Depression years as factories … Read More

Question and Answer Time

One of my favorite parts of writing this column for the past 20 years has been the interaction with you, my readers. You arouse my curiosity, challenge my memory and send me scurrying to the computer for research on a regular basis. It is always my intention to answer each … Read More