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The Hidden Dangers of Pallet Wood

Thinking of using pallet wood for your next DYI project? It’s sturdy, it’s versatile and with over 2 billion pallets cast aside in the U.S. on any given day, it is certainly obtainable. Add to that the seemingly endless number unique items you can make for your home and garden … Read More

Sold to the Highest Bidder!

In 2005 Steve Soboroff wandered into Sotheby’s Auction in New York with no real interest in bidding on anything. He was there to sell a piece of sports memorabilia from his collection, but fate had other plans for the noted Los Angeles business man. Up for bid was an old … Read More

The Best Time to Plant Your Garden? Check the Almanac!

Unique in content and inexplicably accurate, the “Old Farmer’s Almanac” stands as the oldest continuously published periodical in North America. This little book, which is actually no more than a pamphlet, was first published by Robert B. Thomas in 1792 under the name “The Farmer’s Almanac.” Originally intended to be … Read More

One Man’s Trash . . .

The closets are overflowing, your two car garage won’t even accommodate your mower and you are strongly feeling the “urge to purge.” Don’t kick it to the curb, sell it at a yard sale! Sales are a lot of work, so make it worth your time and effort. Look carefully … Read More

Spring Cleaning

The days are growing longer, the tulips are in bloom and yard sale signs are popping up faster than the dandelions. Spring has arrived and you know what that means. Time to do some spring cleaning! This year as you refresh your home, remember that your antiques and collectibles need … Read More