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Ball Canning Jars

The onset of fall means many things to we Hoosiers. Fall festivals, trips to Brown County to view the beautiful foliage, hot apple cider and campfires, and to an ever-growing number of people it means canning season. So, out come the colanders and pressure cookers and most importantly, the Ball … Read More

Dumpster Disasters — How (Not) to Prepare to Downsize

“I think we are ready for you to come a take a look at Mom and Dad’s House. We’ve already hauled off 2 dumpsters full of trash to make your job easier.” This is the kind of statement that send chills up my spine. Unknowingly, in their effort to “help,” … Read More

Something From the Oven

There are many things I remember about my Grandma Hamer: her beautiful blue eyes, her big hugs and the way her home was always filled with the aroma of fresh baked cookies. Many of the days I spent with her were occupied with baking and when the order of the … Read More

Collecting Bakelite Jewelry

We all have them. Those things that have been stored in the back of the closet or the bottom of the cedar chest, that we haven’t wanted to pitch, but we never use. A common denominator among many women is that box of jewelry from childhood that is just taking … Read More

How Much is That Doggy?

          There is no denying we love our fur babies. We dress them in warm coats, feed them only the finest gourmet foods and take them with us wherever we go. Ask any dog owner and they will tell you their dog is a valued member … Read More