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Collectible Luggage

Antique steamer trunks, vanity cases and even that old Samsonite suitcase you carried off to college in 1987 are at the top of the most wanted collectibles list for the summer of 2017. Collectible vintage luggage is sought by repurposers who turn it into furniture, interior designers who stack it … Read More

Tips for Buying Vintage Furniture

From the thrill of the hunt to the joy of snagging a bargain, vintage shopping is a great way to furnish your home on a budget and avoid that cookie-cutter look in the process. Add to that the benefits to the environment every time a piece is saved from the … Read More

To Turn a Phrase . . .

Some of my fondest recollections of childhood were the times I spent with my Grandpa Hamer. I always enjoyed our conversations and the interesting phrases he would use. As we worked together in his raspberry patch, I remember him saying to me “just because your friends are doing it doesn’t … Read More

Treasures in the Yard: Collectible Bottles

Tilling your garden, removing a tree stump or laying the foundation for a garage? Before you start digging, you should know that there may be treasures hidden just below the surface of the ground that can add up to some serious cash. Antique bottles from 1850-1930 abound in the yards … Read More

Top Garage Sale Picks For 2017

Ready to hit the garage sales but not quite certain what to watch for? On any given Saturday the yards and garages of Indiana are full of treasures just waiting to be discovered. So, what makes the difference between a great find and a “what was I thinking”? Here are … Read More