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On the Road Again

I stepped out the door, then quickly came back inside. It is March in Indiana, and although there have been days when it felt like May, today nature has decided to bring us back to reality with snow! Fear not, April is just around the corner and with it warmer … Read More

Facebook: Your Online Marketplace

When I started a personal Facebook page six years ago it was my thought that I would keep up with out of town family, reunite with old classmates and have an endless source for pictures of my grandkids. Little did I know that I was stepping into an online “marketplace.” … Read More

So, You Want to be a Dealer

Two of my greatest joys in this life are shopping for antiques and working with the public. It therefore came as no surprise to my friends and family when I decided to become an antique dealer. People get into my line of work for many reasons. For some it is … Read More

Galvanized Metal

Once used as roofing for farm buildings, watering troughs and feed buckets, galvanized metal has risen from its humble beginnings on the farm to become one of today’s top decorating materials. Transforming low-end materials into high-end pieces for the home is nothing new. Over the past decade we have seen … Read More


Many people would have looked at little David Longaberger and thought, “that poor little boy.” After all, he was one of twelve children born into an impoverished family in a small town in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. His father worked long hours at the local paper mill after … Read More