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The Tax Man

It’s tax time again! Not a favorite time of year for many, but still one of the inevitable parts of life.  While it may seem a touch premature, there may be a way to ease your visit to the “taxman” next year, and the time to start working towards that … Read More


It was a small metal box, dented and slightly rusted from the passage of time. Tucked in among the antique quilts and family heirlooms it seemed out of place with Grandma’s keepsakes, until we opened it. Carefully stacked in the box were 64 Valentines, one for each year of her … Read More

Come Get Happy

The famous Golden Arches of McDonald’s first appeared in 1955 and for the next 24 years they went about the business of selling hamburgers. Sales were great, expansion was constant, millions were sold. End of story? You might think so, but in the mid-1970′s Guatemalan McDonald’s manager Yolanda Fernández de … Read More

Collectible Ashtrays

NO SMOKING! We see the signs everywhere prohibiting the once acceptable, but now taboo, habit of lighting up. In 1965 Congress passed a bill requiring all cigarettes to carry a health warning issued by the Surgeon General. America took the warning seriously, as did our legislators, and by 1995 we … Read More

The Auction Experience

Whether it be fine art or appliances, vintage clothing or patio furniture, Victorian jewelry or a riding mower, if you need it or want it…. you can most likely find it at an auction. Auction houses across the country are experiencing record numbers in attendance as the Millennials are discovering … Read More