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100 Years Ago: Aug. 18-24

From The Indianapolis News, Saturday, August 18: Five barbers were arrested and five grocerymen face arrest as a result of another attempt to force barbers and grocerymen to close their places of business on Sunday. The charge is that the men accused violated the Sunday closing laws last Sunday. The … Read More

100 Years Ago: Aug. 11-17

From The Indianapolis News, Saturday, August 11: The new Indianapolis public library building, northeast corner of Meridian and St. Clair Streets, will formally open next month. Patrons ascending the south steps of the new library will come to the main entrance and pass through the wrought iron Riley gates into … Read More

100 Years Ago: Aug. 4-10

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, August 7: The Automobile Row Association was organized at a meeting of North Capitol Avenue merchants and business men yesterday afternoon in the offices of the Cole Sales Co, 343 N. Capitol Av. Carl Fisher, a pioneer in the automobile industry of Indianapolis, was named … Read More

100 Years Ago: July 28-Aug. 3

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, July 29: Mars Hill residents have formed a vigilance committee under the auspices of the Patriotic Gardeners Association in response to garden thieves who have been reaping a crisp harvest from the gardens in the area. Potatoes by the bushel have been dug up, beans … Read More

100 Years Ago This Week: July 21-27

From The Indianapolis News, Thursday, July 26: Today begins the three day canvass for Sympathy Saturday to raise funds to send sick and weak children to the Summer Mission camp at Fairview Park. This campaign combines into a single appeal under the auspices of the Children’s Aid Association’s Pure Milk … Read More