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The Passion Pit

This is the last installment about Indianapolis motion picture theaters. While the title may appear somewhat salacious suggesting the content deserves an “X-Rating,” the reader will find it nothing more than “PG” and most likely “G-Rated.” Sorry to disappoint; however younger readers may ask, “And what did you do when … Read More

100 Years Ago This Week: March 24-30

From The Indianapolis Star, Friday, March 30: After Indiana’s prohibition law becomes effective next year, the entire capacity of the Home Brewing Co will be devoted to the manufacture of soft drinks according to company president and superintendent, Peter Lawall. The company’s large plant, east of the downtown district on … Read More

World War I 100 Years Ago: March 24-30

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, March 28: While the army and navy recruiting offices have been doing an active business, they are not busier than U. S. Marshal Mark Storen or Capt. Thomas E. Halls of the United States Secret Service. Each of these officials has received an average of … Read More

100 Years Ago: March 17-23

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, March 18: Moments before midnight, Indianapolis Telephone Company subscribers heard “Central’s” sweet feminine voice ask, “Number, Please,” for the last time. At the stroke of midnight, the phone company’s automatic service began. No more will operators, perched on stools at the switchboard, connect callers with … Read More

World War I 100 Years Ago: March 17-23

From The Indianapolis News, Monday, March 19: Irvington schoolboys are organizing a cadet company to be known as the Irvington Reserves. The organization is open to any Irvington boy from the ages of twelve to sixteen, who is five feet in height and weighs at least 100 pounds. Several Irvington … Read More