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World War I 100 Years Ago: Feb. 16-22

From The Indianapolis News, Wednesday, February 20: The Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce war contract bureau has been so successful in obtaining war contracts for Indiana businesses that in many parts of the United States it is known as the “Indianapolis Plan.” Through its Washington, DC office, the Chamber of Commerce … Read More

World War I 100 Years Ago: Feb. 9-15

From The Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, February 12: The Indianapolis Automobile Trade Association offered its services and cars to Gov. Goodrich and the State Council of Defense for a new militant guard battalion of the Liberty Guards called the Gasoline Rangers. Capt. George Harney said the automobile equipment of the Gasoline … Read More

World War I 100 Years Ago: Jan. 26-Feb. 1

From The Indianapolis Star, Monday, January 28: Dr. Harry Barnard Federal food administrator for Indiana, announced a new daily “eatless” program for Indiana. The New Weekly Food Calendar is: Monday – Wheatless; Tuesday – Meatless; Wednesday – Wheatless; Thursday – Fat-Saving Day; Friday – Meatless; Saturday – Porkless; Sunday – … Read More

World War I 100 Years Ago: Jan. 12-18

From The Indianapolis News, Monday, January 14: In spite of frigid weather, Indianapolis gave a warm welcome to members of the Serbian war mission this morning at the Statehouse. Dr. Milenko Vesnitch, head of the mission, spoke before a large gathering, that included many Indianapolis Serbians, of the important part … Read More

World War I 100 Years Ago: Jan. 4-11

From The Indianapolis Star, Friday, January 11: The German House is looking for a new name. Since war was declared last April, the probability of a name change has been discussed among the Socialer Turnverein Society members. The situation became tense since news that the Independent Turnverein violated government food … Read More