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World War I: 100 Years Ago: July 14-20

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, July 18: Indiana has taken the lead again in rallying to support America’s effort to win the war by launching a state-wide movement to organize women for food conservation. Yesterday, Harry E. Barnard, acting Indiana food commissioner, met with members of the Indiana League for … Read More

World War I 100 Years Ago: July 7-13

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, July 10: A register of Indianapolis women who can qualify as seamstresses to work on army shirts is being compiled by the Federal Employment Bureau. The quartermaster’s depot at Jeffersonville, Indiana has more shirts, already cut, on hand than can be sewed up by seamsters … Read More

World War I 100 Years Ago: June 23 and 30

From The Indianapolis Star, Friday, June 29: Mothers, fathers, wives, sweethearts, sisters and brothers, each carrying a large bunch of flowers, bid farewell to 150 Serbians who left yesterday to fight for the liberty of their people against the Teuton and Bulgar. After a service at the Romanian Orthodox Church, … Read More

World War I 100 Years Ago: June 16-23

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, June 20: The Indiana League for Women’s Services intends enrolling every woman in Indiana for such war-time service as she may be able to render. A comprehensive form, approved by the League’s executive committee and endorsed by the State Council of Defense, is expected to … Read More

World War I: 100 Years Ago

From The Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, June 12: The Navy League comforts committee held its first knitting class at League headquarters, 40 Monument Circle yesterday. A large number of women were in attendance and enthusiastic to learn to knit so they might make articles that will aid in the comfort of … Read More