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100 Years Ago: Jan. 19-25

From The Indianapolis News, Wednesday, January 23: The idea of skip-stops on the city street car lines is an innovation that is spreading across the country in connection with the saving of coal, and Indianapolis residents may soon expect this practice being adopted here according to Robert L. Todd, Indianapolis … Read More

100 Years Ago This Week: Jan. 12-18

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, January 16: As the worst of a record blizzard past, Indianapolis is facing a coal famine. Dr. Henry Jameson, Marion County Federal Fuel Administrator, ordered the closure of all saloons, and places of amusement. He instructed coal dealers to halt deliveries to these places, as … Read More

100 Years Ago: Jan. 5-11

From The Indianapolis News, Thursday, January 10: Boozeless dance halls will be in vogue in Indianapolis in the future after Chief of Police George V. Coffin made good his word to deny a police permit to dance halls connected to barrooms. Yesterday, saloon keeper John L. Donavan failed to get … Read More

100 Years Ago This Week: Dec. 22-28 and Dec. 29-Jan. 4

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, December 25: Christmas Day dawned cold and gray in Indianapolis. Many home circles were happy with family members returning to the scenes of their youth to once again greet Santa Claus. Prominent among those who came back were the boys in khaki on furlough from … Read More

100 Years Ago This Week: Dec. 15-21

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, December 16: The seventeenth anniversary of the Flanner House Social Settlement will be observed this afternoon in a special Founders’ Day program. Attorney Robert L. Brokenburr, a former superintendent of the settlement, will give a history of the institution which was established by prominent white … Read More