USPS Asks Residents to Clear Paths

INDIANAPOLIS — This is the time of year when USPS employees and citizens in communities throughout the Greater Indiana District experience an increase in accidents related to winter weather conditions. When walking and driving conditions are icy, both drivers and pedestrians are at risk.
Mounds of snow and patches of ice in front of mailboxes create havoc for carriers trying to safely affect mail delivery.  Postal officials emphasize that residents maintaining a clear path to the mailbox — including steps, porches, walkways and approach from the street — will help postal carriers provide timely delivery service especially for packages.
Residents who receive delivery to roadside mailboxes also must keep the approach to, and exit from, the mailbox clear of snow or any other obstacles, like trash cans and other vehicles. The carrier needs to get in, and then out, without leaving the vehicle or backing up.
The area near the mailbox should be cleared in a half-moon shape to give the carrier full visibility.