#Love@38th 5×5 Ideas Competition Finalists Announced

INDIANAPOLIS — The Harrison Center for the Arts recently announced the finalists for the #LOVE@38th 5×5 Ideas Competition to take place on Fri., Feb. 5 at 7 p.m. in the Center’s gym. The 5 finalists include:
• Steve Mannheimer, Sounds Above
• Charles Stanton, Music Unites: Connecting Communities with Neighborhood Activation
• Stefan Eicher, 38th & Shine
• Shawn Causey & Mark Daniell, Color Flows
• Kyle Ragsdale & Marcia Jones, Bling
This event is sponsored by the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) to foster community-building and art-focused innovations in the 38th and Illinois Great Places neighborhoods. The five finalists will be given 5 minutes and 5 slides to present an idea using the arts to benefit the 38th and Illinois Street neighborhoods. (All projects must take place within a quarter of a mile of the intersection of 38th and Illinois.) The winning project will receive $10,000 to make it happen.