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A bank commercial shows a young couple growing up together, going from grade school to college and into the bank for financial advice. I often have emotional responses to the feel-good stories of advertisers, and in the commercial, a young girl comes down the steps of her home to a … Read More

Spontaneous Expressions

One of my nieces — who is actually, the daughter of one of my best friends — had a childhood habit: She would often break into a frenetic dance of joy, freely flinging her internal happiness outward toward whatever audience was before her. I have written previously of her spontaneous … Read More


“You twit.” This is not about what you think; this is what a woman said to me when I was a new art director at L.S. Ayres. I had been absorbed into the advertising department by the corporate consolidation of my old position with Stewart’s Department Store with the Ayres’ … Read More

A Note of Appreciation

My sister called to tell me that her friend Mary had received my thank-you note. Jaci laughed at Mary’s reaction to having received it. “She said, ‘He sent me a thank you note! He didn’t have to do that.’ But you’re good at that,” my sister said. “Good at what?” … Read More

I Love My Doctor

In the first week of November, I needed my doctor to assess a painful condition and recommend remediation. The first visit achieved diagnosis and treatment and in the follow-up, the doctor reviewed the results of my laboratory tests. My “labs” were generally fine, but the main thing that I can … Read More