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The Ws.

Just off the highway in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, along the south side of the Allegheny River, my friend and I found a small park, pulled off, and sat on a bench to watch a creative display of lights. My good friend from high school was home during a break from school. … Read More

The Listening Club

A recent broadcast of Nelson Price’s “Hoosier History Live” mentioned the “listening club” at the Irvington branch of the Indianapolis Public Library. I was curious about what such a club would be about, and when Ethel, Paula and I ran into Nelson during our First Friday travels, he suggested that … Read More

I’m Growing Old

“I’m growing dimmer in the eyes, I’m growing fainter in my talk…” “Don’t sit down like that! It makes you sound old.” My landlord was working in my apartment, and his comment puzzled me briefly. I then realized it was probably the result of some “woof,” or “wargh” I had … Read More

Wish I’d Said That

The line at the grocer’s customer service counter had four people in it, and I was the third. The man being served by the store’s representative had a small exchange with the woman behind him. She turned away from him, and toward me. I purposely chose a vague point in … Read More


My two-year-old son stood behind me at the top of the steps to the basement, waving his ever-present plastic toy sword as I descended into the basement of my home on Orange Street. I had told Chris to stay upstairs, since I was going to be brief at a task. … Read More