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Going to The Masquerade Ball

My favorite time of the year is here – FALL!! I love everything about it, the weather, the color of the leaves as they change and of course Halloween. My husband and I have always celebrated Halloween in a big way. For 20 years in a row we had a … Read More

The Day They Took the Sun Away

2017 has been a turbulent year to say the least. Little to get excited about and less to rally around. The solar eclipse, therefore, had been something that we as a nation could all jump on. It was exclusively an event that was affecting the United States. It was going … Read More

A Sweet Journey to My Past

For Christmas this year the Boss and I got each other Ancestry DNA Tracing Kits. You know, fill a tube with spit, put in a tube and send to When I received the results, months later, the biggest surprise was that my DNA revealed me to be 32% Irish. … Read More

A Brief History of Father’s Day

While Father’s Day was last weekend, this article still seems appropriate. Father’s Day is still one of the U.S.’s summer holidays. Barbecues and outdoor activities are popular ways to celebrate. I even saw some fireworks Sunday night. Father’s Day started as St. Joseph’s Day in Europe in the Middle Ages … Read More

The First 500 Festival Parade in 1957….60 Years Ago

May 1957, the first 500 Parade marched, the day before the 1957 500 Mile Race. That is 60 years ago exactly! The idea of a city celebration of the race had been floating around since 1946, but in 1954 some city leaders and businessmen started serious planning to get the … Read More