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A Brief History of Father’s Day

While Father’s Day was last weekend, this article still seems appropriate. Father’s Day is still one of the U.S.’s summer holidays. Barbecues and outdoor activities are popular ways to celebrate. I even saw some fireworks Sunday night. Father’s Day started as St. Joseph’s Day in Europe in the Middle Ages … Read More

The First 500 Festival Parade in 1957….60 Years Ago

May 1957, the first 500 Parade marched, the day before the 1957 500 Mile Race. That is 60 years ago exactly! The idea of a city celebration of the race had been floating around since 1946, but in 1954 some city leaders and businessmen started serious planning to get the … Read More

Selling a Concept

The Boss and I watched the film The Founder the other night. It’s a 2016 film staring Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc, the man who turned a drive-in restaurant into an international food icon and changed the eating habits of the world. In 1954, Kroc, who sold Prince Kastle milkshake … Read More

Go to Your High School Reunion!

My 50th High School Reunion from Tech High School is this year (Class of ‘67) and I’m on the reunion committee. Our committee is small so decision making has been easy — the more people, the more time spent making choices. Tech in the 60s was enormous — 5,400 students … Read More

American Foods in World Cuisine

So what’s for dinner? Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, cranberry sauce, sliced tomatoes, pumpkin bread with maple syrup, and vanilla ice cream with  chocolate syrup for dessert. Sounds luscious doesn’t it? It’s something else. It’s all American foods. Foods that native Americans cultivated and ate long before European … Read More