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The Traveler in the Dark Forest: A Spooky Fable for Halloween

Long, long ago in a land far away a man made ready for a long journey from his village to the great capital city on important family business. He received a warrant from his noble baron that gave him permission to travel and went to the village priest for a … Read More

Vice is Nice but President is Best

The fact that Indiana is considered the mother state of vice presidents has been discussed in this newspaper before. Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s campaign for the office has brought a great deal of attention to that office during this election cycle. But how many times has a vice president from … Read More

Neighborhood Groceries

After reading Steve Barnett’s article about Standard grocery, I thought I should tell you about the little neighborhood grocery in my old neighborhood near downtown. Working in that grocery was my first job the summer before I turned 16 (1965). My Dad happened to be the meat cutter there, so … Read More

48 Years Ago

The national political conventions of the last two weeks have been full of controversy and upheaval. There has been more hate spewing and fist shaking than at anytime in recent memory. Social media has become a platform for everyone to express their feelings and denounce and vilify those of others. … Read More

Spooks on the Loose… in My Head Anyway

I had a wonderful Father’s Day. It was great being with the family and enjoying the day. Sunday evening my son and daughter took me to the downtown cinema to see the Conjuring 2, a motion picture about devils, ghosts, an demonic possession that is supposedly based on an actual incident, … Read More