Paula Nicewanger’s Story Archive

Artist Elizabeth Seagull Heeter Gone Too Soon…

Many Irvingtonians will remember Elizabeth “Lisa” Seagull Heeter who was an artist living in Irvington and creating some incredible art. If you saw chickens on south Audubon you were near her house where she, her husband and 2 children lived. Lisa passed away on Christmas morning after all the gifts … Read More

St. Vincent de Paul Mission 27 Resale

I have heard of St. Vincent de Paul for years, but I’ve always associated it with a Catholic charity that takes donated mattresses and furniture and gives them to the poor. Ironically our local St. Vincent de Paul is in a 110-year-old mattress factory on the near eastside of downtown … Read More

The Black Hat Society Calendar Reveal Party Friday, Oct. 13th

If you love Halloween like I do and so many others in Irvington, then you will understand why I might join a group of people, who dress up like witches and parade around the neighborhood.  I first saw The Black Hat Society parade in last year’s Halloween Festival. As I … Read More

Going to The Masquerade Ball

My favorite time of the year is here – FALL!! I love everything about it, the weather, the color of the leaves as they change and of course Halloween. My husband and I have always celebrated Halloween in a big way. For 20 years in a row we had a … Read More

Traveling with Paula, Yellowstone National Park

In the past August’s article, I told you my sister Gail and I take a trip together, just the two of us, every five or six years. She lives in Oakland, California and we only get to see each other a couple of times a year during hurried family events. … Read More