The Christmas Letter

For the last 25 years or so, I have created that under-appreciated, dreaded Christmas letter! You know the one, all about the cat’s surgery, your root canal that went terribly wrong, and the vacation to some beach. I never meant to do this, but after my daughter went off to college and I didn’t have her little school photo to stick in the card any more, I decided to paste up a few family pics and add captions, copy it off and send it out to all the family and friends. That way I didn’t really have to write individual notes in every card – I’m a busy woman. Well, after I was forced to learn computer skills to keep a job in graphic arts, I did it on the computer and added more pics and more copy and now it’s a full blown (20 photos) “Christmas newsletter.” Now, my family and friends are expecting it every year! My daughter gave me a college friend’s new address, because she told her she misses my letter. Everyone, don’t worry it’s finished! I did have to buy $52 worth of ink for my printer, just to print the thing off (the printer itself only cost $49 new). Hopefully you’ll get it before Christmas, but if not, think of it as a New Year’s card and letter.
I try to put a little bit about each immediate family member, but with two beautiful grandkids, there’s a lot more stuff about them. I try to keep the letter short and sweet, but I know the type is getting too small (get your reading glasses out).
I also do a pencil drawing and use that as my Christmas card. My first card was a drawing of my young son asleep holding our poor cat Fantasia by the neck. This was followed by years of drawing our family cats in all kinds of positions. Then when my grand nephew Seth and niece Graysen were still little, I did a drawing of them and added wings and halos – they looked like little angels. The angel theme has been going on for years now (nephew is 17 and niece is 15). I drew several other nieces until my own grandkids came along – and so of course, they are my subject matter now. Getting a good photo of them to use for my card is always a challenge and my grandson moves so fast I seldom can get him and his sister in the same shot.
This year I haven’t gotten many Christmas cards in the mail. I just opened fFacebook (I seldom do – I don’t have time) and there was a message from a Kentucky cousin wishing me Merry Christmas and everyone else on her Facebook feed. I did get to see two of my college friend’s grandkids – they are adorable! Seeing those pics of grandkids is the only reason I ever go to Facebook. Merry Christmas and don’t forget to send real cards, not just a Facebook message!