Monthly Archives: August 2016

Carnegie Libraries Receive National Historic Designation

INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Public Library officials have received official certification designating the East Washington and Spades Park branches, two original Carnegie Libraries constructed in the early 1900’s still serving the public, as the latest additions on the National Register of Historic Places. Certificates were awarded at the Indiana State Fair … Read More

Neighborhood Groceries

After reading Steve Barnett’s article about Standard grocery, I thought I should tell you about the little neighborhood grocery in my old neighborhood near downtown. Working in that grocery was my first job the summer before I turned 16 (1965). My Dad happened to be the meat cutter there, so … Read More

Underground Airlines by Ben Winters

Suppose Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in Indianapolis on his way to his first inauguration. That’s exactly what former Indianapolis writer Ben Winters did. His new novel, Underground Airlines, is the result of this imaginative leap. It opens with the protagonist, Victor, speaking with a young pastor who may or may … Read More

The Standard of Groceries

Stopping by the supermarket on the way home from work to pick up a roasted chicken or the “fixin’s” for a quick meal is so commonplace today that we don’t give it a second thought. Ah, the supermarket; the truly great symbol of “America the land of plenty,” providing not … Read More

Applause!: Aug. 26-Sept. 1

• Concerned OG, a group of former “original gangsters,” has started a campaign on the east side to take back the streets. Their first neighborhood walk was Aug. 29 near 38th and Sherman, an area on the east side that has seen more than their fair share of violence. They … Read More