Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Indianapolis Top Secret That Helped Win World War II

In 1942, the United States was focused on Europe and the Pacific Ocean. The U.S. was forced to join the hostilities by the Pearl Harbor attack and we had only be at war a few months. Everyone was trying to do their part to help our boys be victorious as … Read More

In Your Own Back Yard at the Harrison

INDIANAPOLIS — The Harrison Center for the Arts kicks off the fall arts season with In Your Own Backyard artist reception and open studio night Sept. 6 from 6 to 10 p.m. In the Harrison Gallery, HCA studio artist Kyle Herrington has created Backyard Phenomena, an exhibit of paintings and … Read More

News Briefs: Aug. 30-Sept. 6

NESCO Summit Sept. 5 INDIANAPOLIS — The Near Eastside will host its quarterly Neighborhood Summit  to discuss our Quality of Life Plan on Sept. 5 at Clifford Corners: Urban Box, 3125 E. 10th St., Suite 1.  Topics will range from the neighborhood energy project, neighborhood diversity initiatives, re-entry programming, and … Read More

The Boy’s Club

Ladies have always had those special gathering places that, by their nature, are for “women only.” In the Victorian era ladies of means gathered in the home to decorate porcelain at painting parties. A common pastime in the early part of the 20th century was the quilting bee. In the … Read More

Labor Day

Labor Day used to be one of those special dates that delineated segments of our lives when I was young. Its arrival meant that summer was ending and that we’d be going back to school. These days I suspect that its main significance is as a long weekend. After the … Read More