Dr. Nydia Nunez-Estrada’s Story Archive

Maintain, Don’t Gain this Holiday Season

The turkey. The ham. The mashed potatoes. The macaroni and cheese. THE COOKIES! These are all temptations that we normally try to resist, but the holidays are especially hard when the food is overflowing and holiday spirit fills the air. Many of us say, “It’s the holidays!” as we ignore … Read More

Get Help with Health Insurance Enrollment

Do you have health insurance? If you don’t, you can now enroll in a health insurance enrollment plan during the open enrollment period, which is Nov. 1 to Dec. 15. Navigating the health insurance enrollment process isn’t always easy and may be confusing. That is why on Saturday, November 18, … Read More

What You Need to Know About Croup

Croup is not something that is widely known, but it can be a danger to your baby. So what is croup? Croup is a condition that irritates a baby’s upper airways and then causes them to swell. This can then cause your baby to have trouble breathing. The breathing will … Read More

Tips for Good Oral Health

No matter your age, oral health is important. Taking care of your teeth starting in childhood can help you avoid problems with your teeth and gums, such as cavities or even tooth loss. You’ve heard that brushing keeps your teeth healthy and reduces stains. You’ve seen it on packages, in … Read More

What to Know About Plant-Related Rashes

It’s summer, which means it’s a great time to be outside hiking, running and biking. It’s also a great time for plants to grow. While we love seeing green trees and beautiful flowers come out, there are also some plants we wish didn’t grow at all. I’m talking about those … Read More