Artist Elizabeth Seagull Heeter Gone Too Soon…

Many Irvingtonians will remember Elizabeth “Lisa” Seagull Heeter who was an artist living in Irvington and creating some incredible art. If you saw chickens on south Audubon you were near her house where she, her husband and 2 children lived. Lisa passed away on Christmas morning after all the gifts were opened, including her eight year old’s birthday gifts.
I first met Lisa at the Halloween Poster Contest Auction in 2015. I had entered the contest myself and Lisa was the winner that year and her poster was very impressive. I talked to her and immediately realized what a talented and truly nice person she was. Her artwork was unique – watercolors with black cut paper silhouettes. I was fascinated by the process. Watercolor is my preferred medium, but never had I seen it done this way. This year I got a Christmas card from our columnist CJ Woods of Monument Circle that she had created.
At the last First Friday event, I was visiting the Circle City Complex galleries and stopped at Indy Artsy studio, where I knew many of her art pieces were displayed, to ask Julie Edwards (the owner and her friend) how Lisa was. I knew Lisa was very ill and Julie filled me in — I was heartbroken. Lisa’s husband Chad says to plant a tree this spring in her memory. Lisa loved nature and that was the subject matter of most of her beautiful artwork. She had an exhibit at  the Bona Thompson Memorial Center in spring of 2016 titled “Fresh-picked Greens: Paintings from Your Neighbor’s Garden” which showed off her love of nature. Lisa also exhibited at the Irvington Farmers Market and in many local art shows including the prestigious Talbot Street Art Fair in June of 2016. She was a 2016 Artist-in-Residence at the T.C. Steele State Historic Site and 2015 Artist-in-Residence at the Indiana State Museum.
Lisa’s work includes watercolors, table top lanterns, greeting cards, cut paper works and the memorable “vampire squirrel” which was on a sticker and  T-shirt design. Her chickens were a favorite subject along with her flowering garden. Take a look at  her website,, to see her wonderful art. Many original pieces are for sale at Indy Artsy, 1125 Brookside Ste C. Contact Julie at 317-956-2015 or email
We have lost a most incredible lady whose art will live on.