World War I 100 Years Ago: Sept. 22-28

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, September 23: This week Indiana begins a sweeping campaign for a great fund to further the soldiers’ library project sponsored by the War Department and the American Library Association. Hoosiers have heard the call to do their bit in the gigantic country-wide task of raising $1,000,000 (2016: $19,059,794) to build, equip, and supply libraries in every army camp and cantonment where American soldiers are quartered at home and abroad. Louis J. Bailey, director for the Indiana Library War Council, expects to raise at least $125,000 (2016: $2,382,474), state-wide. Indianapolis is slated for $20,000 (2016: $381,196). Library buildings will be built to accommodate 10,000 books, newspapers, and magazines, and living quarters for a trained librarian and staff. The American Library Association will select the books, and soldiers will be afforded a first-class city public library service.