Going to The Masquerade Ball

My favorite time of the year is here – FALL!! I love everything about it, the weather, the color of the leaves as they change and of course Halloween. My husband and I have always celebrated Halloween in a big way. For 20 years in a row we had a Halloween party at our house. I covered all our old beat up furniture with white sheets and we decorated every corner. (We have more Halloween decorations than Christmas.) We invited all our friends and family and the house was packed (one year there were over 65 people). I always made chili and cooked 5 pots of it which were gone in record time. I also made most of the costumes we wore. I still have most of them although many have been altered into other costumes and you’re not sure what it was supposed to be in the first place. Last year I went to the Irvington Masquerade Ball and it was quite a treat to be a guest and not the host. It is a formal affair, meaning dress in your best dress and mask, ladies, and the hubby can wear the suit you’re gonna bury him in if he doesn’t take you. The theme is “Jack the Ripper” so think Victorian England. If the hubby won’t go just grab a girlfriend or sister Ice-House-DSCN3964-tinyand have a ball. The party is at the Ice House (400 S. Ritter next to the railroad tracks) and is the creepist perfect place to have a Halloween Party. The place looks haunted in the middle of the day, let alone when the sun goes down. It was an Ice House back when Irvington still used block ice and the enormous hall with its old brick walls, lined with overstuffed Victorian furniture is truly haunting. There’s even a stage (probably where they loaded the ice wagons) where the band sets up and plays — this year it will be the Mad Men with  saxs and horns. Last year the dance floor was packed all evening and with only candlelight and twinkle lights. There will be lots more food this year (Jonathan Byrd’s Catering) included in the ticket price and Black Acre will have their cash bar set up. They have a professional photographer who sets up really spooky shots with great props. You’ve gotta go to this Masquerade Ball (Sat., Oct. 21, 8 to midnight) — it is a blast and the proceeds go toward the Irvington Community Council Halloween Festival budget! For more information and to buy tickets go to irvingtonhalloween.com — I’ll see you there!