World War I 100 Years Ago: Aug. 18-24

From The Indianapolis Star, Saturday, August 18: The Star’s Sammy Backer Booster movement is growing rapidly with names added to the honor roll of men who believe in the axiom that an act of kindness is the best tonic for a soldier facing the foe. The names listed on the Sammy Backer muster roll affords the man left at home a way to do his part by cheering a Sammy who soon will be one of the thousands engaged in the trench warfare in France. The duties are few – a word of cheer – a picture postcard from back home, or a small remembrance that would bring comfort to one of our boys at the front. Scores of women are also being enrolled as Sammy Backers and agreeing to administer encouragement and comfort to a soldier with a bright, newsy letter.