World War I 100 Years Ago: May 5-11

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, May 9: At noon yesterday, thousands of Hoosiers packed every available space around Monument Circle and the streets leading to it from Union Station, while others filled neighboring windows and roofs to get a glimpse of the French war mission which included Marshal Joffre, the hero of the Marne, as it was officially received as guests of the city. French Tricolors together with the Stars and Stripes fluttered from windows and covered the wooden speakers stand erected at the south end of the Monument. Mayor Bell and Governor Goodrich welcomed the French mission; Vice Premier Viviani spoke in acknowledgment; and Marshal Joffre when introduced, rose and turned toward the Monument and saluted “Indiana’s silent heroes.” Numerous secret service men were present in the crowd and uniformed police kept a large cleared space about the rostrum.