World War I 100 Years Ago: March 10-16

From The Indianapolis News, Wednesday, March 14: Declaring, “Our children lack patriotism…and now is the time to teach it,” Indianapolis school board member Mrs. Julia B. Tutewiler offered a motion at last night’s board meeting to have “Old Glory” draped on the front wall of every schoolroom in the city and an oath of allegiance to be written on the front blackboard of every schoolroom that pupils would be required to memorize. Before the motion was unanimously adopted, board member Theodore Stempfel asked Mrs. Tutewiler “whether the board would have to buy the flags,” to which she replied, “I think in every room there is enough pride to get the flag!” Superintendent Jacob G. Collicott was directed to see that the plan was carried out in every school; the pupils at Shortridge High School bought a flag for every room.