“Boeing Boeing” at the IRT March 7-April 2

INDIANAPOLIS — A swanky Parisian bachelor pad sets the stage for a fun-filled performance where an infidelitous man finds out what can go wrong when he, along with three beautiful stewardesses, are in the right place at the wrong time in the Indiana Repertory Theatre’s (IRT) Boeing Boeing.
“Boeing Boeing contains all the elements of a traditional French farce: physical comedy, mistaken identities, lightning-fast dialogue and an exaggerated, outrageous, improbable plot,” said director, Lauren Gordon. “For this production, we’ve brought together an outstanding group of actors who are highly skilled, passionate and accomplished classical actors — who also happen to be incredibly funny.”
Among them are Hillary Clemens and Matt Schwader, who were most recently seen in IRT’s 2015 production of The Great Gatsby as Daisy Buchannan and Jay Gatsby. Clemens and Schwader happen to be married in real life.
Named deliciously innocent and highly comical, IRT’s Boeing Boeing is on stage March 7 – April 2. Tickets start at $25. More information can be found at irtlive.com.