How do you like your coffee?

I like my coffee with milk, no sugar but with the new flavored creamers I prefer Hazelnut (sugar free or fat free) now. Sometimes I grind my own coffee beans – my grinder is a Braun and I’ve had it for 40 years and it still works great. My husband isn’t a regular coffee drinker (likes hot tea and I do start my day with hot tea – decaf – you know blood pressure thingy) but at work I drink coffee all day long especially in the winter. On the weekends I make a pot in my drip coffee maker – I prefer a perculator. Drip coffee makers don’t get the coffee hot enough for me. I have an electric coffee heater at my desk and I go back to the pot and warm up the half cup I have and stick it in the microwave if it isn’t hot enough. Also I only like my coffee in glass cups not in waxed paper or styrofoam cups.
What’s with everyone buying those expensive one cup at a time coffee makers ­ — what a waste of money and those little  containers will be on earth until the end of time (ever seen the movie Wall-E, that’s what’s in those blocks of compacted trash). I know people think making a whole pot is a waste, but you can put the leftover in the refrigerator and warm it up the next day. I never, but never stop at that chain coffee place drive thrus- talk about expensive and personally it’s too strong and not worth it. I figured up the costs— if you make your own coffee at home and drink 3 cups a day that would cost 2.75¢ a cup or 8.25¢ per day, $2.47 per mo. and $29.70 per year. If you make it in one of those one cuppers it’s 75¢ per cup, $2.25 per day, $67.50 per mo. or $810.00 per year and the chain coffee shop is $2.10 (plain not the fancy ones), $6.30 per day, $189.00 per mo., or a whopping $2,299.50 per year! (that amount would sure make a nice vacation or a good deposit to your retirement fund)