Audubon Road Corner Store, Antiques Moving

I personally love antiquing and buying on eBay just isn’t the same as seeking out that special piece I didn’t know I wanted. For years I’ve stopped at every antique store I could find, to find treasures for my 100 year old house and just appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into things from the past. Audubon Road Corner Store, Antiques, Etcetera in Irvington is one of my favorite antique shops. Helga Horvath, owner and operator has a unique antique shop with a very eclectic array of collectibles and unusual antiques. Helga has decided to move her shop into a small antique mall, Old Picket Fence, 894 Logan St. in Noblesville ( Helga once had a shop in Noblesville and still knows many of her loyal customers. We will definitely miss her charming shop, but I plan on visiting the new space. She’s still an Irvingtonian, so I know we will run into each other in Irvington. Please stop by and check out the marked down antiques before the shop closes at the end of February. Tell her it’s not goodbye, it’s good luck in the new space and thank you for being a merchant in Irvington.