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Forging The Bee Line Railroad by Arthur Andrew Olson III

Forging The Bee Line Railroad:  The Rise And Fall Of The Hoosier Partisans And Cleveland Clique is a comprehensive history of the Bee Line Railroad by Arthur Andrew Olson III. The early American transportation policy had the goal of helping people move west and develop a national cohesiveness. Thus the … Read More

The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict

Mileva Maric enters her first physics class at the Zurich Swiss Federal Polytechnic University in the first paragraph of The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict. This action doesn’t seem particularly interesting until you realize that it takes place on October 20, 1896 and she is the first woman to ever … Read More

Classic Restaurants of Indianapolis by Jeffrey S. Kamm

Jeffrey S. Kamm’s new book Classic Restaurants of Indianapolis tells the story of Indianapolis’ restaurants — those only in memory and those still in existence. The book’s outline is told in the names of the chapters, “Legends That Stand The Test Of Time,” “Gone But Not Forgotten,” “Cruising Down North … Read More

Small Business Saturday Nov. 26

Along with your other local shopping trips, we hope you will stop in at Bookmamas bookstore to chat with some of our favorite authors.  Their appearances will be staggered on Saturday between the hours of 11 am-3 pm. • Larry Sweazy – See Also Deception • Mandy Hussey – But … Read More

A Gathering In Hope by Philip Gulley

Silly me, I thought Philip Gulley’s new book, A Gathering In Hope, would concern the parishioners gathering in the new and improved Meeting House financed by the generous bequest to the church detailed in the previous book of the series. That would, however, be too simple and prosaic for Sam … Read More