Greenfield Service Agency Awarded Major Lilly Endowment Grant

GREENFIELD — Tangram, Inc. has been awarded a $7.5 million grant under Lilly Endowment Inc.’s latest round of financial sustainability grants to central Indiana human services agencies.
Founded in 1985 by family members of six individuals with disabilities in Hancock County, Tangram has grown to provide individualized independent living services to over 250 individuals in 17 counties throughout Indiana.
The agency plans on spending nearly $600,000 over three years to invest in Tangram employees through increased wages and training opportunities, which will reduce turnover and build a more effective workforce.
Other funds will go to investing in strategic plans, technology, and creating an endowment to fund mission-driven efforts in the future.
The Tangram financial sustainability grant and the grants to the nine other agencies complement Lilly Endowment’s regular support of human services organizations through direct grants and grants to the United Way of Central Indiana. According to Lilly Endowment, these agencies are undercapitalized for the level of assistance they provide.