Danica and Aaron?

The big news from the sports romance department is the sighting of Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers and newly retired NASCAR/IndyCar driver Danica Patrick enjoying each other’s company in several Milwaukee nightspots over the holidays. According to TMZ and several other gossip sources, the two were dancing, laughing, engaged in some serious kissing. Danica is a Wisconsin born gal so her attraction to the Green Bay QB is understandable. Both are coming off the end of previous romances. Rodgers with actress Olivia Munn, and Patrick with former Steward-Hass teammate Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
When asked about he relationship by a New York City reporter, she did not deny it. She did admit that her primary focus at the moment is landing a sponsorship deal for her ride in the upcoming Daytona 500. She’s also working on finalizing a ride for this year’s Indy 500, which will be her final appearance in a professional race.

Roll Tide

Congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide upon winning their Umpteenth national championship. Nick Saban has a championship organization in Tuscaloosa and it’s a great deal like his close friend Bill Belichick’s in New England. Between the two of them, they have pretty nice control of  organized football in America. They are both of Croatian origin and have both experienced unprecedented personal success in coaching football. For Saban, it is his 6th NCAA National Championship which ties him for first with former Alabama coaching legend Paul “Bear” Bryant.
The Tide was down 20-10 at the end of the 3rd quarter and it took going into overtime but in the end ‘Bama did prevail 26-23.

Tonya at the Globes

The movie “I, Tonya” and the book on which it is based has brought  former skater Tonya Harding to national attention again. Harding is 47 years old, and a wife and mother now. She still skates to keep herself in shape and does look fit. There also seems to be some movement, however, to treat her as a misunderstood victim and even a hero who was exploited by her mother, her coach, her then-husband and everyone else around her. So we see her at the Golden Globes wearing a black dress in support of the sisterhood and hobnobbing with celebrities. When Allison Janney picked up a GG for her portrayal of Harding’s mom in the movie, there was Tonya clapping, cheering, and blowing kisses.
Sorry but this is total “BS”. Harding did a terrible and evil thing for which she has never expressed any remorse or regret. No one should have to pay forever for a mistake, but to act like it was nothing or that she is a victim of the media, her mother, or a system that looked down on her because of her lower middle class upbringing, is wrong. Nancy Kerrigan was the true victim and she seems to have been totally forgotten. So before I shed any tears on the tragic misfortune of Ms. Tonya Harding I’m gonna have to see her take some personal responsibility for her actions — something she just hasn’t done.