Carolina Panthers for Sale

Jerry Richardson, the owner of the NFL football franchise Carolina Panthers, has announced that he is stepping down as CEO and general manager of the team effective immediately and has put the team up for sale. Richardson is 81 years old and was the Panthers’ original owner and the man responsible for getting the expansion team to Charlotte in 1995. The NFL is launching an investigation into allegations sexual and racial misconduct in the workplace by Richardson towards several employees, creating a hostile work environment.
Richardson played college football at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina and then played two professional seasons with the Baltimore Colts in 1959 and 60, including the 1959 NFL championship game in which he caught a touchdown pass from Johnny Unitas. He used the money from his championship check to partner with Charles Bradshaw and open a Hardee’s franchise in Spartanburg. Richardson used the restaurant as a base to start Flagship Foods which became the sixth largest food service business in the nation. He retired from Flagship in 1995.
Richardson has not admitted any wrongdoing but the Panthers have made some large cash settlements to four former employees. Right now the team is in contention for a playoff spot. This more than likely will not be the last incident of sexual misconduct in professional sports. We can only hope that such conduct will be eliminated in the American workplace and each of us will treat each other with humanity and respect.

Colts News and Drafting Speculation

The Indianapolis Colts are down to their last two games. Currently they hold a 3-11 record. Most power rankings have them at 29th or 30th in team standings The Chuck Pagano Goodbye watch is on but the team will most likely wait until Black Monday to announce his firing. Black Monday is the day after the last game of the season and that is when no longer wanted or needed coaches and players get their pink slips. It may be a few weeks before a replacement is named but I am not even going to go there. The good news is that the Colts will have either the 3rd or 4th pick in the 2018 college draft. That means they will be able to bring in a blue chip prospect to help bolster the team. They need help everywhere, particularly on defense. Most of the bottom-ranked teams need help at quarterback and several good ones are available, so the Colts could have a shot at the top-ranked defensive player in the draft. It could be Bradley Chubb, a defensive end from North Carolina State. Chubb has everything you want in a pass rushing end. Size, speed, smarts, and a mean streak. He could be a stud defender for the Horseshoe.  I am hoping the Colts will continue to “Flub for Chubb”. They play the Ravens in Baltimore next week. That’s a for-sure loss. They finish the season at home against the Texans. Houston is currently battling the Colts for the position of worst team in the AFC South. The Colts could mess up and win this one. But I’m hoping that the boys in blue will come through with another big “L” on this one. As for the 2017 season, stick a fork in it cause it’s done for the Colts.