100 Years Ago This Week: Nov. 10-16

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, November 13: “Dry” forces triumphed over the “wets” in the city’s Ninth Ward, which is east of the downtown district between 10th and Washington Streets and includes Irvington. Yesterday’s decision of Johnson County circuit court Judge William E. Deupree upholding the anti-saloon remonstrance signed by a majority of Ninth Ward voters ends the bitter fight between those for and against prohibition that began almost a year ago. Fifteen of the twenty-two saloons in the ward will go out of business immediately, and the rest will shut their doors as soon as their licenses come up for renewal. The Ninth Ward is the third ward in Indianapolis to go “dry” by remonstrance in two years. The First Ward, in the city’s northeast, and Fourth Ward, in the city’s northwest, began shuttering their saloons several months ago.