World War I 100 Years Ago: Oct. 27-Nov. 2

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, October 30: This was the first meatless day in Indianapolis.  Diners cheerfully perused restaurant and cafe menus containing palatable meat substitutes of chicken, turkey, goose rabbit, fish, oysters, eggs, and frog legs. Proprietors from the expensive to the lowly eateries received so many compliments that fewer meat products may be served in the future in order to concentrate on the substitutes. One café manager said, “This is a real patriotic duty and our patrons have expressed a willingness to cooperate with us in this food saving movement.” Eighteen sanitary inspectors from the city board of health reported all eatery managers were willing to do everything within their power to conserve the supply of foodstuffs. Inmates of city, county and state institutions also observed the “meatless” rules along with everybody else. Tomorrow is “wheatless” products day.