Horseshoe Halloween Horrors

What is the scariest costume for Trick or Treat this year? An Indianapolis Colts uniform! There are some walking dead zombies that have invaded Lucas Oil Stadium and eating away the chances for any kind of a respectable season. In the last ten days we have seen them turn in horrendous performances that would drive a stake of frustration through the heart of any Colts fan. Poor Chuck Pagano haunts the sidelines like the ghost of a head coach stuck between a netherworld of darkness and despair, knowing that the end is coming but not knowing how or when. The players seemed to be waiting for sunrise so that they can crawl back into their coffins and disappear. Pathetically sad.
Against the Jags, the team played like chum being thrown to Jaws — nothing but bloody bits of meat that was just shark bait. The offense and defense were both equally bad. However, the offensive line gave up ten sacks on Jacoby Brissett…that’s TEN. Poor Brissett at the end of the game looked like Kevin McCarthy in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” screaming “They’re Here Already!”
Monday evening the Colts front office held a press conference in which they affirmed that Coach Pagano would remain in his position for the time being. It’s speculated that at present they can’t think of anyone to be an interim head coach until the end of the season comes and they can then look for a permanent replacement. Yet another disastrous occurrence was the loss of rookie free safety Malik Hooker for the rest of the season with a torn ACL. Hooker was the club’s No.1 draft pick this year and has been one of the very few bright spots in an otherwise dismal season.
You can forget about Andrew Luck playing this season. Jim Irsay is not about to risk the franchise player behind that woeful offensive this year when the season is lost already. The good news is that the Colts will probably be in a position to grab the top offensive line prospect available in the 2018 draft. Well HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all of you!