World War I 100 Years Ago: Oct. 20-26

From The Indianapolis News, Saturday, October 20: Consumers are advised to save their sugar. The sugar supply in Indianapolis is shrinking and wholesalers are limiting retailers’ orders to 100 pounds. The European War is the primary cause of the shortage because Cuban sugar cane growers are supplying most of Europe. The island’s supply is almost depleted and the new crop won’t be on the market until December. In the meantime, the only relief will come when American grown beet sugar reaches the market in the next three weeks. Beet sugar will be cheaper because the federal food administration has fixed its price to wholesalers at $1.10 (2016: $20.97) a hundred-weight less than the present price of cane sugar. Indianapolis wholesalers are paying $8.35 (2016: $159.15) a hundred pounds for cane sugar and are making a profit of 25ȼ (2016: $4.76).