October Madness

Hopes and Dreams: Trials and Tribulations

I received an e-mail from  an Associate Publicist from Random House Publishing. Their Penguin books division which specializes in books about sports was sending out author John Feinstein on a publicity tour to promote his new book Backfield Boys, a novel about college football written for kids published last August and also The Legends Club about the the basketball rivalry between Duke University and North Carolina State which was published in 2016. Feinstein wrote “A Season on the Brink” which was about Bob Knight and the IU Hoosier basketball teams 1985-86 season. It is considered by many to be the greatest book ever written about college basketball.
I have received notifications like this before informing me that such and such an author would be in Austin Texas on May 6, or Reno Nevada on Nov. 20, or Milwaukee Wisconsin on January 20 and would I be interested in setting up an interview with them about their latest book. Because of time and distance I usually have had to pass on these opportunities, but with Mr. Feinstein it turns out that he would be in Indianapolis on the 26th of this month and would I be interested in an interview with him? As you can imagine I answered the query with a resounding yes!
I received a reply from the publicist thanking me for my interest and wanting to know at what time I wished to set up the interview and (here’s the fly in the butter) the location of the studio where the interview would take place. From the wording, I am taking it that they believe said interview would be taking place in a television or radio studio. I have not yet informed the New York City folks that I write a column and am not a media broadcaster. I am not sure how they got that idea in the first place — don’t know how much of a difference it will make when I tell them I’m  a print guy. I suppose the only way I can let you all known if I have been successful in solving my dilemma is if you see my column in the “View” with a John Feinstein interview. Ah well!

Big Blue Goes Big Boo

Monday night our guys were in Nashville to take on the Tennessee Titans. The Titans were a popular pick to challenge for the AFC South title. A hamstring pull to their star quarterback Marcus Mariota left them without his services for the Dolphin game which they lost. The Titans announced that Mariota would be in the starting lineup but some wondered just how effective he could be in their run and gun offense. Meanwhile, no Andrew Luck for the Colts and guard Jack Mewhort is done for the season.
As the first half progressed the Colts showed some moxie. Fill-in quarterback Jacoby Brissett ran and passed and moved the Horseshoe offense. He hit tight end Jack Doyle for a touchdown and “Automatic” Adam Vinatieri banged 4 field goals. Meantime the Colt defense held Tennessee to three field goals. Linebacker John Simon had an interception and sack against Mariota. Rookie running back Marlon Mack cut lose on a 22 yard run. Incredibly Mack only saw the ball one more time during the course of the game. At halftime the Colts went into the locker room leading 19-9.
When the second half ensued it became obvious that the Titans had made the proper adjustments both offensively and defensively. Mariota led the Titans to 25 points and the Tennessee defense shut the Colts and Brissett down. For some reason wide out TY Hilton caught just one pass for 19 yards. Jack Doyle’s fumble of a Brissett pass in the red zone was recovered by Tennessee and gave them the necessary momentum to take control of the game. Titan running back Derrick Henry rambled 72 yards for a touchdown with less than a minute to go to put the final nail in the Colts coffin. Titans 36 Colts 22. There is now a three way tie for first place in the AFC South. The Colts have a firm hold on last place right now. The Jacksonville Jaguars will be visiting at Lucas Oil Stadium this coming Sunday.