100 Years Ago This Week: Oct. 20-26

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, October 25: The concluding races for the boys city bicycle championships will be held Saturday at the State Fair Grounds half-mile dirt track. Charles Wehr, City Parks Cycle Club supervisor, announced that there will be five bicycle events – one quarter-mile race, one half-mile race, one mile race, one five-mile race, and a ten-mile relay race between the Muncie Y.M.C.A. and an Indianapolis team. This is the first competition of its kind ever staged in Indianapolis and good prizes have been secured for all events. The afternoon program will also include a kite flying contest by the Boy Scouts and music provided by the Ft. Harrison military band. Judges for the meet are Mayor Joseph Bell, James Lowry, Carl Fisher, Harry Stutz, Thomas Wynne, Fred Gardner, Henry Hearsey, Dr. Herbert Malpas, Wayne Emmelman, and Gustav Westing.