Nursing Mothers’ Room Opened in City-County Building

INDIANAPOLIS  — The Office of Public Health and Safety (OPHS) recently opened a Nursing Mothers’ Room for employees in the City-County Building. This room will provide a private venue for new mothers in an effort to support the development of healthy babies and happy families.
A workplace that is supportive of breastfeeding mothers is an important step as the Office of Public Health and Safety works to increase access to healthy, nutritious food city-wide. The energy and nutrients provided through breast milk promote sensory and cognitive development, and protect the infant against both infectious and chronic diseases. Often referred to as the “first food,” studies have shown that access to breast milk for the first six months of life can lead to better health, educational, and emotional outcomes for children.
OPHS worked with City-County Building Authority, City-County Human Resources, and the Office of Audit and Performance to identify a suitable space for the Nursing Mothers’ Room in the City-County Building. OPHS acting Director Paul Babcock developed a plan to reorganize the OPHS offices, at a cost to the agency, and turn an underutilized storage area into a safe, welcoming space for nursing mothers. The project was completed for less than $5,000.