100 Years Ago: Oct. 6-12

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, October 7: Indianapolis baseball fans closely followed the first game of the World Series from Comiskey Park between the Chicago White Sox and the New York Giants by dialing 1207 and hearing operators repeat the inning by inning bulletins. “All Indianapolis, it seemed, was interested in the World Series from the way we were swamped yesterday afternoon by telephone calls,” said George B. Wellbaum, commercial superintendent of the Indianapolis Telephone Co in charge of The Star’s World Series service. Many fans dialed 1207 and “camped” in on the wires congesting the phone system during the game. Thousands of fans received the latest news as quickly as possible. To eliminate congestion during the remaining games, fans are asked to dial 1207, and listen. Don’t ask questions and don’t hold the line during the entire game.