World War I: 100 Years Ago: Sept. 29-Oct. 5

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, October 2: Urging liberty-loving citizens to buy bonds that American soldiers and sailors may strike efficiently for their nation and the cause of democracy the world over, William G. McAdoo, United States secretary of the treasury, impressed a large noon-time audience today at Tomlinson Hall the heavy responsibilities that rests upon him in connection with winning the war against Germany. Appearing on behalf of the Second Liberty Loan campaign, McAdoo denounced those persons who say there was insufficient causes for the United States to enter the war. After reciting the acts of German violations of American rights he said, “These causes were sufficient to every American with red blood in his veins, but it was not sufficient to those Americans whose blood runs yellow.” The Second Liberty Loan quota for Indianapolis is $14,000,000 (2016: $266,837,122).